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In the event of an escape of water, the damage caused must be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Whether it be small leak or expansive flood, Chem-Dry Essex are on call to deal with the resulting damage.

For help or more information, call 01245 205750 or email us at info@chemdryessex.com. For emergency response please contact our on call technician:  07805918686, who’ll be on hand to assist you.

Our technicians have years of experience, with the tools & expertise to restore your home to normality in the quickest possible time.

Assisting with but not limited to:

Yellow BallExtracting Water
Yellow BallDrying buildings and property
Yellow BallDrying contents.
Yellow BallSurveying moisture.
Yellow BallDetecting the source of leaks (Trace and Access)
Yellow BallProviding state of the art drying systems
Yellow BallThe sanitisation and cleaning of damaged contents
Yellow BallRestoring contents.
Yellow BallCleaning and restoring rugs
Yellow BallRestoring electronic items
Yellow BallDrying and restoring documents
Yellow BallRestoring and repairing furniture
Yellow BallCleaning and restoring tiled or wood flooring
Yellow BallRestoring or replacing carpets
Yellow BallMould remediation

A burst water pipe can result in flooding, damp & extensive damage to your property. It is important to discover the location of the leak as quickly as possible to minimise the potential destruction.

Our Trace and Access team are equipped to identify the source of the leak(s) (either internal or external) which may be causing damage to your property. Without this process you may find yourself treating the case indefinitely, as the cause of damage remains unsolved.

Our Trace & Access technicians use a number of methods including thermography and listening devices to pinpoint the source of a leak within a matter of centimetres. This accuracy means invasive & costly solutions such as digging up a vast amount of your properties floor to locate a leaking pipe are a thing of the past, saving a lot of time, expense and disruption.

With the source of the leak eliminated we can commence the drying process unhindered, returning the property to normal as soon as possible.

Call us now on 01245 205750 to discuss the cost and time saving benefits of our Trace and Access service.

Our Fire, Flood and Leak Emergency Number is 07805 918686.



2 days ago

Chem-Dry Essex

Did you know that there are more Germs, Bacteria and Allergen in the average carpet and upholstery in your home than on your toilet seat!

Get that deep clean and sanitise the Chemdry way and protect you, your loved ones and your carpets and upholstery in your home. Create a beautiful sanitised environment by calling us today on 01245 325325
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1 week ago

Chem-Dry Essex

Is your lounge suite looking dull?

Bring it's colour back to life with a Chemdry Clean call on 01245 325325
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2 weeks ago

Chem-Dry Essex

You know when your four legged family member is happy, it's a Chemdry Essex clean you've had!

Call 01245 325325 to book yours.

#carpets #upholstery #Essex
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3 weeks ago

Chem-Dry Essex

Did you know that your carpets harbour more germs and bacteria than your average toilet seat!

It is vital to keep a healthy home, so that means carpets and soft furnishings require a clean regularly!

25 years in the industry speaks volumes - Call Chemdry Essex on 01245 325325 to book your healthy home package on offer throughout September with 15% discount.
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2 months ago

Chem-Dry Essex

Available Appointments For August 2018*

9th One Afternoon Appointment Left
10th One Afternoon Appointment Left
13th One Afternoon Appointment Left
14th One Afternoon Appointment Left
15th One Afternoon Appointment Left
16th One Afternoon Appointment Left
17th One Afternoon Appointment Left
20th Now Booked Up
22nd One Afternoon Appointment Left
23rd One Afternoon Appointment Left
24th One Afternoon Appointment Left
29th Now Booked Up
30th Now Booked Up
31st Now Booked Up

To book your 15% discounted residential carpet & upholstery cleans simply pick a day from above list and call 01245 325325 to secure your appointment.

*Correct at time of advert placed.
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